Top 12 steps to remain beautiful in old age as a woman

How can i make my face look younger and smooth

When you start getting close to the age of 40, it is natural that people begin to see nightmares thinking about the drowning beauty and ways to preserve it. You certainly have the urge to try out several methods from the magazines and online help centers. Do you really think that these methods help in solving your problem? How will you know whether you are following just the perfect method for maintaining your beauty at this age? Here are a few tips and tricks to help out.

Every woman wants to look beautiful all through, and you may do this in spite of how old you happen to be. Getting older is part of life; even so it shouldn’t keep you from looking wonderful. Here are some tips that will help you age well and look fabulous as the years roll on, aging is a beautiful thing..

By far the most essential things you can perform for the beauty regime is to get 8 hours of sleep nightly. It may seem you do not have time, it may seem you don’t need that much sleep should you get your coffee… whatever you think, and the fact is that you require your sleep. You already know you look “well-rested” once you get enough sleep, and you need to be looking that way every day!

1. Eat healthy

Eat properly. People make various excuses for not eating well, and the simple truth is, they are really excuses. Perhaps you can’t eat grass-fed filet mignon every day of the week, but the truth is can certainly make simple, flavorful, inexpensive meals that do not take much time to prepare. You need to simply do some research. It is easy to eat poorly, but the truth is that the time you might think you’re saving now, shall be time which you spend taking care of yourself after your terrible diet makes you sick. You owe it to yourself to eat as healthily that you can.

2. Sleep enough

Sleep is one area that you will have to work your schedule around, since it is that very important. Do you know that you could be a higher risk of obesity as your hours of sleep decrease? Unless you want to be a haggard looking obese person in your later years, you’ll want to take sleep seriously.

3. Remain hydrated enough

Keep drinking water. You have probably been told that a lot, and the reality is, it’s important. Most part of your body is water, so you need to always replenish your body. Not just that, but water keeps your skin supple and makes sure your skin doesn’t dry out, something you need to consider while you age.

4. Wear sunglasses

As you grow older, the sun isn’t as good a friend as it once was. You should be mindful of your risk for skin cancer, but in addition, the sun can dry out your skin, as well as make it wrinkle from all the squinting you do. Use sunscreen to help keep the harmful UV rays off your skin, and have on sunglasses in order that you don’t squint a great deal.

5. Don’t smoke

Smoking could potentially cause strange dark spots, and it may also cause fine lines around your mouth area. It’s not at all a great habit, of course, if you want to be beautiful while you age, you are going to really have to ditch the cigarettes.


6. Use right concealer

Another step to remain beautiful in old age is to carefully choose the right foundation and concealer that matches your skin tone. The color, right texture and the correct amount of concealer used are the three things that judge the application. It greatly helps in covering up your fine lines and wrinkles giving a silky glow to the skin. You can get several beauty tips from the internet to check out the right color and combination that matches your skin color.

7. Perfect dressing

Your style of dressing has to change now; to stay and remain trendy do not try it out on your outfits as it will make you look odd. Think about new, sexy and unique accessories that are the latest trends to match well with our costumes.

Choose the perfect dressing that is not loose or tight-fitting that will make you look like you are trying to fit in your daughter’s clothes. Skin tight jeans with not a so tight but fitting top will look awesome and bring out your youthful appearance..

8. Focus on your sexy feature

Try and figure out the attractive and sexy feature of you that can be focused on. In case you have gorgeous eyes and lips, try to making one attractive and pull back a little on the other per time. A smoky eye make up with a nude lip gloss will surely catch attention when you are out. Do not work on each and every feature to highlight them all at once as you will finally be dressed up as a joker. I mean, pay attention to one part at a time to have a neat, clean and dazzling look.

9. Change your perfume

It is time for a perfume change, if you were clinging onto the same since high school. Never allow yourself feel low or old smelling. Try out the vibrant yet calm perfumes to give freshness and zest to your life.

10. Share opinions from your daughter

Your grown daughter can give you the latest or trendiest selections for the moment. Take her with you when you are out for shopping and she can give you a better idea of what will surely make you look young and hot, after all they are the ones going behind beauty tips at their teenage!

11. Perfect hair style

Hair is one of the secret keys to a woman’s beauty and if it is lifeless, too long, thin and dried out, there is no doubt that you is sure to lose all the freshness from within. Keep it trimmed providing liveliness and volume. Never show off your grey hair at any point as it can be one of the reason to lose your confidence levels for getting older. Instead, try out some dark shades to hide them up to keep looking young and vibrant as always.

12. Use lip gloss

Start using a lip gloss over your lipstick as dry lips shows up your age pretty well. You can also stick onto just the gloss without lipstick as it still looks awesome.

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