Self care ideas and tips for making a perfect morning

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Written by Joy Emebu

Ever had one of those days that nothing seems to be going right? You mess up your breakfast, you’re late to work, and your computer has issues… The list is endless. Some dismiss it as simply waking up on the wrong foot but nothing happens out of chance. I want to share with you today, proven 6 Self Care Ideas that will help you fix your days.

How you start your morning plays a big role in how your day turns out. If your morning starts in chaos and confusion, your day is most likely going to end up being “one of those days”. Find time to read 11 facts about post baby body you must understand

On the other hand, when you start your day with more intention, things are likely to shift for the better. This is known as the morning routine effect. A good morning routine involves self-care exercises that reduce distractions and help boost your mental state. Here are some self-care ideas you can include in your morning routine.

Here are Self Care Ideas For The Perfect Morning:

1. Do the Wim Hof Method

Many of us reach for our phones the first thing when we wake up. Studies have found that this increases anxiety and could contribute to stress throughout the day. Instead, you can practice the Wim Hof Method. This is a spiritual-based form of self-care. The creator uses three pillars – deep breathing, cold therapy, and commitment – which are said to reduce stress and boost performance.


• Sit in a meditation position.
• Do 30 power breaths. Inhale through your nose or mouth and exhale through your mouth.
• Take a deep breath then hold for 10 seconds and exhale.
• Repeat three times.
• Take a cold shower.

2. Self Care Ideas: Set the Mood

Unfortunately, many of us are not morning people and only get up early because we have to. If you’re one of those people who detest waking up early, try to ease yourself into waking up instead of shocking your body to wake up.

Get rid of the loud alarm and switch to a calmer one. Once you’re awake, use ambient lighting such as a candle or a table lamp. You can also play some music that will help boost your mood.

3. Make Breakfast

Never walk out the door without eating something. As the wise men say, “a hungry man is an angry man.” Starting your day on an empty stomach not only spoils your mood but it robs your body of the energy it needs to sustain you throughout the day.

Therefore, making a habit of preparing a hearty breakfast filled with nutrients in the morning can be the key to a great day. Ensure your breakfast includes fruits, veggies, whole grains, and proteins to get the nutrients you need.

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4. Set Two Goals for the Day

When you have a purpose for the day, you tend to be more focused and motivated. So, this is a good practice to adopt in the morning. Write down two things you want to achieve that day and keep them simple.

This makes it easy to accomplish them, giving you a sense of reward and boosting your feel-good hormones. This is also a good way of organizing your thoughts in the morning.

5. Call a Loved One

We all look forward to seeing or speaking to our loved ones after a long and hard day’s job. However, speaking to them in the morning has an even bigger impact. Nothing elevates your spirit in the morning like talking to a loved one. Hearing their voice creates a moment that you’ll cherish throughout the day.

They can also share words of wisdom to inspire you or help you solve a problem. Besides, speaking to them could make their day special and in turn, make yours special as well. If you can’t call, sending a text will work as well.

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6. Self Care Ideas: Sleep In

Having enough sleep is another 6 self care tips you must know. Feeling tired? Don’t drag yourself out of bed. Instead, take a few minutes to get some extra sleep. This is one of the best forms of self-care.

It re-energizes and resets the body especially if you feel under the weather or have been up all night. Additionally, you wake up in a better mood when you get enough sleep. So, don’t feel guilty about sleeping for some extra minutes.

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