Benefits of drinking hot water to your overall well-being

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Like taking a warm bath, there are so many benefits of drinking hot water, it increases blood circulation through arteries and veins. Drinking hot water helps to break down food faster than drinking cold or warm water. It reduces the risk of constipation by supporting regular bowel movements.

To kick-start the metabolism, Eastern medicine practitioners have advocated drinking a glass of hot water (about 120° to 140° F) first thing in the morning for millennia. Don’t miss reading Stinging Nettle Top Health Benefits You Don’t Know

With so many beverage options, hot water is certainly the most straightforward option (aside from cold or lukewarm water). Is it, nevertheless, helpful to one’s health?

Let’s take a look at ten benefits of drinking hot water (with or without lemon, depending on your preference):

1. Help Lose of weight

Experts say that drinking hot water first thing in the morning can help you lose weight by preparing your gut for the rest of the day. It causes the bowels to contract, which clears the intestines, reduces bloating, and eliminates extra water weight. It also raises core body temperature, causing the body to expend energy to return to its usual temperature. Metabolism is aided by this energy expenditure.

2. Frees Nose Congestion

In a tiny trial to see if chicken soup alleviated nasal congestion, researchers discovered that drinking hot water increased nasal mucus velocity almost as much as chicken soup did—and both were better than cold water. It’s worth noting that the effects faded within 30 minutes.

3. Boosts Blood Circulation

Drinking a hot cup of water improves blood circulation through arteries and veins in the same way as taking a warm bath does. Improved blood flow can provide a variety of benefits, including lower blood pressure and a lower risk of heart disease.

4. Benefits of drinking hot water: Helps Digestion

Digestion is aided by the dilation of blood vessels in the gut caused by hot water. When drinking hot water first thing in the morning, this advantage is most obvious. By emulsifying lipids, drinking hot water after a meal aids digestion. Before going to bed, drink a cup of hot water to make you feel full and keep you from nibbling in the middle of the night.

5. Helps Muscle relaxation

Drinking hot water helps your muscles relax by increasing blood flow, whereas drinking cold water makes them constrict. From period cramps to arthritis, this muscular relaxation can help with a variety of problems. It may also aid with sleep.

6. Benefits of drinking hot water: Boosts Mood

Despite the fact that it was not the objective of their study, researchers discovered that participants’ moods were likely enhanced by drinking hot water. Also read Top Proven Medical Benefits of Garlic to Man and Woman

7. Helps Discharge Toxins

Drinking hot water stimulates your endocrine system as well as raising your core temperature. Sweating and the discharge of toxins through the skin are caused by these consequences.

8. Promotes dental health

Drinking hot water is better for your teeth. Cold water may cause filling materials to contract and break off, thus destroying dental work. Some experts recommend brushing with warm water, too.

9. Enhances detoxification

While there have not been studies that directly link hot or warm water to detoxification, we do know that drinking water is hella good for your kidneys.

Studies have shown that drinking water helps the kidneys filter the toxins from your blood so you can pee them out. This is pretty much the kidney’s job, keeping your blood as toxin-free as possible.

Warm water can also raise your body temperature, which may make you sweat. There’s some evidence to suggest that sweating may have health benefits beyond keeping your body temp in check. This might include helping your bod detox.

10. Reduces shivering

When you’re cold you shiver. It’s one of the ways your body tries to warm itself up.

It’s not a pleasant sensation, and it can be a pain in the backside for folks like telecoms engineers who do tasks that need steady hands in freezing outdoor temperatures.

There’s strong scientific evidence that drinking a hot drink can stop or reduce shivering when you’re cold. Having some warm water in your belly raises your body’s core temperature. This satisfies your body’s heat management responses enough to put the shivers and shakes on pause for a bit.

This is a benefit that has no real scientific backing but is generally accepted given what we know about the cardiovascular system and blood flow.

Warm temperatures make arteries and veins expand, increasing blood flow. This is why a warm bath makes your muscles all nice and tingly.

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There’s a chance that drinking hot or warm water has the same effect but deeper in you system. As we said though, as of yet there’s practically no hard research to prove this.

If you were wondering why this is good, healthy circulation and a steady blood flow are some of the best defenses against arterial and cardiovascular diseases. So there’s that.

The possible nervous system benefits of drinking water may be why some people report that drinking it helps reduce their stress levels.

Some folks that took part in a 2014 study reported that drinking less water trashed their mood. They felt more agitated, less calm, and were generally grumpy as hell.

Further studies have shown a correlation between drinking water and lower rates of depression and anxiety in adult humans.

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