5 simple steps to downloading from Instagram

As at today, Instagram became so popular and is overflowing with content. During this flood of latest information, which may be both inspiring and informative, it’s important to not lose what’s essential to you. That’s why it’s an honest time to stay a Story, photo, or video you wish on a pc or mobile.

But to achieve this, you have two options: store directly on IG, on the other hand you’ve got to travel to Instagram whenever to enjoy your saved collections or send the content straight to your device using an Instagram downloader. I suggest exploring each method in additional detail, and you select the one that suits you best (or quite one).

Below are the 5 best ways to downloading from Instagram:

1. Save stories in a web-based app

If you want to make sure your Instagram stories are saved in a web-based app, and reachable anytime, we suggest you try Embed Stories.

It is a professional tool for Instagram stories that can automatically download and save your Instagram stories.

Here are the benefits that Embed Stories provide:

Save all elements of the Instagram story, such as photos and videos
Create a gallery from multiple Instagram photo stories
Embed and display your Instagram stories on any website
Create different web widgets and story sliders that have a specific embeddable code and can be showcased on different websites
Archive and save IG stories from multiple Instagram accounts that you manage

And here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Embed Stories as your Instagram Story downloader and archive all your Instagram stories in a web-based app:

Log in to Embed Stories or create an account
Connect your Facebook account
Allow the system to get your Instagram accounts
Click ‘Select source‘next to the account from where you want the system to fetch the Instagram stories

That’s it.

Once you finish the steps, the active story from the selected Instagram account will show in the ‘My stories‘section.

The best, you will be able to embed them in amazing slider, popover or grid widgets directly on your website.

2. Download your active Story to a mobile gallery

All you’ve got to try to for your current Story to seem within the gallery is to open that Story in Instep and choose “three points” then “Save”. If you desire to urge all active Stories, choose “Save Story”, if you would like to urge just one Story — detect “Save photo/video”.

3. Instagram downloader usage

It’s excellent thanks to keep other users’ Stories on any device. Some tools require no installation and work directly on the web — so-called Insta Story saver tools (Story Downloader, Story Saver. net, Save-Insta, etc.).

To get Stories with their usage, just insert a username whose Stories you’re getting to store.

By the way, you’ll try apps for mobiles too, but they require installation and free space on your device: Story Saver for Android and Reposter for Instagram for ios.

4. Screen recording

I agree that this manner may be a bit outdated, but still, if you don’t often download other people’s Stories and therefore the quality of a saved content isn’t essential to you, then you’ll use this still effective way.

To get a Story with screen recording:

Load your IG account, refresh a Story feed and find a profile whose Story you’re getting to record (but don’t play it); go to a mobile Settings (or swipe the screen from bottom to top) to seek out a screen recording feature; hit the button and are available back to refreshed Stories feed to click on a necessary Story; after the Story ends, return to the screen recording button to press it again and stop recording the screen. The Story is going to be saved in your gallery.

5. Turn on the Archive feature

When you activate the archive function, all of your future Stories are going to be automatically saved on IG and be available even after 24 hours when Story will disappear from a Stories feed.

Here is what you ought to do to archive your Stories:

Pick out a profile icon after login your account and hit a “hamburger menu” to settle on “Settings” > “Privacy”; then click on “Story” and scroll down to find the saving section > detect “Save story to archive”.

To find archived Stories, hit a “hamburger menu” on your profile then “Archive”.


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